About Us

Red Earth Capital Ltd is based in Hong Kong and faces the world. A global online trading broker primarily engaged in Forex, Precious Metals, Energy and CFDs. Red Earth Capital Ltd adopts the world's leading MT4 trading platform, and its current business scope has covered Asia, providing excellent services to more than 200,000 retail customers and institutions in more than 80 countries around the world. The unique advantage of Red Earth Capital Ltd is to provide investors with the best quotations in the market, fast transaction execution and deep liquidity support through the DMA mode, and to provide customers with a first-class and reliable user experience.

Red Earth Capital Ltd currently has nearly 100 professionals, customizing transactions and providing investors with high-quality products and services. Red Earth Capital Ltd aims to become the world's top foreign exchange dealer, and stands at the forefront of today's technology with an honest attitude and high-quality service. We will continue to innovate and pursue a win-win situation.

Since its establishment in 2009, Red Earth has served more than 5,000,000 clients and has grown into a large and internationally renowned investment firm and an industry leader. Red Earth currently employs over 600 experienced professionals in the financial sector.

With our extensive resume and support in over 30 languages, Red Earth is the broker of choice for traders of all levels, no matter the region. We have the knowledge and resources necessary for a professional broker and will do everything in our power to assist everyone in achieving their investment goals.

Trading at Red Earth means dealing with a fair and reputable broker All clients can enjoy a fair trading environment, regardless of client's equity, investment size or account type. Red Earth strictly implements the principle of no repeated quotation and no rejection of orders to ensure that it provides customers with a fair and trustworthy trading experience.

In addition, 99.35% of orders will be filled within one second, with no repeated quotes and no rejected orders. Our business model is based on the firm business philosophy of the company: in the foreign exchange market, execution is everything. The safety of our clients' funds at Red Earth is our top priority.

At the same time, all clients benefit from a negative balance protection policy, so clients are never at risk of losing more than their account balance. Our management team travels to more than 120 cities around the world and actively meets with clients and agents as we value the importance of face-to-face interaction.

Red Earth has held hundreds of workshops around the world, designed to help attendees learn the expertise they need to make better trading decisions. At the same time, Red Earth is also constantly pursuing progress in customer service and technical support, and has won unanimous approval from customers. As a result, Red Earth has always had a fairly high customer retention rate.

Red Earth cultivates the sustainable development of employees with cultural intentions, so when facing customers of different cultures, nationalities, religions and nationalities, it can be closer to the needs. At the same time, the advanced trading platform and flexible trading conditions are suitable for diversified global customers. Our expertise comes from abundant experience and in-depth understanding of global financial markets, and we are more committed to providing the highest quality foreign exchange trading services, including CFDs, securities indices, precious metals and energy.

The business philosophy we follow is simple: just by keeping our customers happy, we can earn their trust and loyalty. Reputation and credibility are linked, both because of our ability to deliver services in accordance with our clients' needs and expectations. By always paying attention to industry trends and technological innovation, we are able to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of our customers.

We are never slack when it comes to customer orders, which is why we are able to offer low spreads and maintain top execution.

2015:Red Earth was named Australia's Best Forex Broker 2015 by Global Financial Markets Review. Red Earth's Phoenix portfolio was awarded Best Money Management Fund in Australia by the Global Financial Markets Review (GFMR) in 2015.

2016: Won the "Best Investor Education Broker" award on the FX168 Broker Billboard.

2016: On the FX168 Broker Billboard, Red Earth won the Asia Advanced Multi-Asset Broker Award for its diversified products offered on the MT4 platform.

2017: Won the "Most Influential Foreign Exchange Service Provider" award of CICC Online.

2018: "Best Forex Broker" Award in Malaysia Station of International Financial Summit Forum. 2018: Won the "Most Brand Influential Financial Institution Award" by Voice Mook · Toshi Planet Financial Media 2018 (first half of the year).

Red Earth won the World Finance Forex Award for Best Partner as we launched the new Red Earth and continues to dedicate more resources to our global partners.

2020: Red Earth has been named 'Best Multi-Asset Broker in Australia 2020' by leading technology magazine Technology Era. Acknowledging the leading services provided by Red Earth in various fields such as products, platforms, education and market analysis.