Stock index

Red Earth Capital LtdOne of the online brokers with the largest stock index transaction with the largest scope, covering the global city field.join inRed Earth Capital Ltd, Online trading stock index, enjoy the difference, high leverage and Quick and reliable transaction execution. The stock index difference contract is a financial tool that represents the value of the target of the public listed company EssenceFor example, S & P The 500 index is a leading stock index, which reflects the listing of the NYSE The collective value of top companies.If the stock price of these companies rises the overall value Ascend, then S & P The 500 index will go up.Some stock indexes represent the transaction on the NYSE Small -scale companies, as well as stock indexes of different stock exchanges around the world, From Japan's Nikkei Index to the DAX index in Germany.


> Trading the United States, Europe and Asia's major stock indexes
> Make more or short
> High leverage, poor low point
> Multi -country supervision, give you a better trading experience

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