Foreign exchange

Foreign exchange is the abbreviation of international exchange. It refers to the payment methods and assets that foreign currencies can be used for international settlement with foreign currencies, mainly including credit bills, securities, payment vouchers and foreign exchange cash.Foreign exchange transactions refer to one currency in one -to -one currency group and sell another currency.Foreign exchange is a currency -to -form transaction, such as euro/USD or USD/JPY.The foreign exchange trading market, also known as the "FOREX" or "FX" market, is the largest financial market in the world. The daily transaction volume is about 4 trillion US dollars, which is the most liquid market in the world.This basically means that as long as the market is opened, investors can buy any currency that I want to buy.The foreign exchange market starts from Monday to Friday, and opens the market 24 hours a day every week.Foreign exchange transactions start from Australia, and Asia and Europe are closely linked to the United States.


The most active and liquid financial market in the world
> Both the bull market and the bear market have the opportunity to make a profit
> For transaction currency pairs of more than 60 species
> 24 hours online transaction
> Margin transaction

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